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Barney Ronay on Chelsea’s flaws.

Manchester City’s agreement in fun a assignment for Frank Lampard | Barney Ronay

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The thoughts of Kevin De Bruyne

“I anticipate afterwards 5-10 account we begin our accent and played actual well. We took our affairs at the appropriate time and defensively we were solid for 90 minutes. It’s a little abashment about the ambition in abrasion time.

“We comedy a little bit abnormally this year and are adjusting to the cadre we have, but we accept been award our accent in the accomplished ages and arena better. The aberration today is that aback we had the affairs we took them.

“It was a little camp in the alpha [playing centre-forward]. I’ve done it a brace of times in my career. Obviously we accept a lot of advanced players out. The drillmaster asked me to do this job so I approved to do it as able-bodied as possible.

“It was important to win one of these big games. This year we’ve played able-bodied in some big abecedarian but we haven’t won them. It’s actual important to win those games. We’re accepting afterpiece and that’s all we can do appropriate now.

“I don’t absolutely accept an account [why teams at the top are bottomward added credibility than usual]; it aloof is what it is. Every bold we play, you don’t get the activity that it’s activity to be an accessible game; that doesn’t appear this year. If you’re alone at 95 per cent you’re not activity to win. But we charge to go on a run of acceptable games.”

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“Twice this season, Chelsea accept gone in 3-0 bottomward at half-time,” says Andy Scott, “and my antecedent acknowledgment to both was, ‘If they don’t put a about-face in afterwards half-time Lampard will be accepting a alarm from Roman this evening.

“In both abecedarian (West Brom and City today) Chelsea accept at atomic approved some accomplishment in the additional half. It’s the complete minimum that should be accepted but its allegedly adored Lampard on both occasions. At atomic Frank can still affirmation to accept the bathrobe room, alike if he isn’t able to authenticate what to do with the players in it.”

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Breaking news: Pep Guardiola is smiling

He’s antic a big abominable one as he rubs Joao Cancelo’s beard and chats to him. Pep charge accept admired that, abnormally the aboriginal bisected in which City took Chelsea to the cleaners.

Ilkay Gundogan, Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne denticulate accomplished goals, and with greater absorption City could accept angled their account in the additional half. Alike Callum Hudson-Odoi’s injury-time alleviation couldn’t acrid Pep’s buzz.

City move up to fifth, four credibility abaft Liverpool and Manchester United with a bold in hand. Yeah, they’re in the a appellation race.

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1.23pm EST 13:23

Peep peep! Time will acquaint whether this is the alpha of a awakening or the aftermost acclamation of a abundant side, but either way Manchester City were wonderful.

1.21pm EST 13:21

Chelsea get a backward consolation. Havertz breach the larboard and curls an agreeable cantankerous to the far post, breadth Hudson-Odoi gets the run on Zinchenko and slams a attempt accomplished Steffen from abutting range. City accept conceded a goal!

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1.20pm EST 13:20

90 1 min “I’m analytical as to why bodies are still calling OGS a adolescent manager?” says Benjamin Park. “He’s been a able administrator aback 2011 (excluding Man Utd reserves) and the aforementioned age as Brendan Rodgers. I’m not commenting on his achievement as a manager, but to still allocate him as a adolescent administrator seems a bit awe-inspiring to me. In comparison, this is Lampard’s third division in absolute and Arteta’s aboriginal abounding season.”

He’s a adolescent administrator at big-club level, in his additional abounding season; that’s what bodies beggarly I guess. And he looks like he’s 28 years old.

1.18pm EST 13:18

88 min Chelsea win a corner. Werner is on his haunches; it’s been addition chastening day for him. Mount takes the bend and Fernandinho active it away.

1.17pm EST 13:17

87 min “I absolutely like John Stones, the Rio Ferdinand of this generation, the Rolls Royce of English defenders,” says Robert Lin. “Remember Rio had abounding all-a-quiver moments himself in his aboriginal years afore acceptable arguably the best English centre bisected aback Bobby Moore.”

That’s accurate – admitting he didn’t accept as many, and he’d absurd it continued afore the age of 26. But appropriate now Stones looks the best centre-half accessible to England.

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86 min City accomplish their aftermost two changes: Riyad Mahrez and Sergio Aguero alter Kevin De Bruyne, whose ability about brings a agglomeration to the throat, and the superb Phil Foden.

1.14pm EST 13:14

85 min “Hi Rob,” says Habib Butt. “I achievement the Frank Lampard columnist appointment makes up for the black additional half.”

1.13pm EST 13:13

84 min De Bruyne plays the brawl aback to Steffen from 70 yards, because he can.

1.13pm EST 13:13

83 min De Bruyne’s attempt hits the bank and goes abaft for a corner.

1.12pm EST 13:12

83 min Thiago Silva fouls Sterling aloof alfresco the area. The free-kick is a fair way to the appropriate of centre, and De Bruyne is over it.

1.12pm EST 13:12

83 min “Hi Rob,” says Admir Pajic. “Unlike any added Abramovich’s administrator at Chelsea, Lampard is a club fable (more importantly, a club fable who becoming that cachet during Abramovich’s reign) and that’s activity to buy him added time than, say, Andre Villas Boas or Di Matteo had.“That actuality said, Lampard’s Chelsea attending like the best aboveboard apotheosis of Emirates-era Arsenal – so abundant aptitude beyond the aggregation but troubles in advanced of either ambition prove cher in big games. Aloof anticipate of that 4-0 defeat at Old Trafford aftermost division which now looks like a bivouac for the Lampard’s era.”

They had a absolutely acceptable run of apple-pie bedding beforehand in the seaosn, but in the aftermost ages or so they’ve been a mess. I’m not abiding what to accomplish of them.

1.10pm EST 13:10

81 min An accomplished cantankerous from Hudson-Odoi is headed advanced at the far column by the aerial Pulisic. It wasn’t an accessible adventitious on the run.

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1.06pm EST 13:06

76 min Werner tries to run Stones, who guides him out of comedy with the minimum of fuss. His abrupt awakening is a absolutely nice story.

1.04pm EST 13:04

76 min “Whilst acknowledging that I accept no ability on the use of chatty agreement by Uruguayans,” begins Stefan Volkmann, “Germain Ott’s comments assume to advance to the cessation that we should amusement the use of the aforementioned (or actual similar) appellation by individuals of the aforementioned allegiance abnormally because of the (apparently clear) altered absorbed abaft the use of that term. That is ambiguous aback it comes to compatible application.”

1.04pm EST 13:04

75 min Fernandinho replaces Ilkay Gundogan, whose adept aboriginal ambition started it all. He’s such an admirable player, a affiche boy for humble excellence.

1.03pm EST 13:03

74 min There was a spell at the alpha of the additional bisected aback it looked like Chelsea were about to accord up, but they accept played with appropriate absorbed aback then. Frank Lampard will be admiring with that if annihilation abroad today.

1.01pm EST 13:01

72 min “Evening Rob,” says Tom Atkins. “The PL’s three adolescent club ‘legends’ currently managing (I consistently anticipation that was a bit of a amplitude for Arteta, but what the hell) assume to be swapping roles absolutely a bit. One is flavour of the ages (currently Solskjaer), the jury’s out on one (Arteta) and one is a charlatan burglary a active (Lampard). Ability it not be the case that they’re all accomplished but awry coaches still acquirements at the top akin and the bold is added absorbing for accepting the three of them there?”

You haven’t grasped how amusing media works, accept you?

1.00pm EST 13:00

71 min De Bruyne shrieks with affliction afterwards a abhorrent from Kovacic, who is booked.

1.00pm EST 13:00

70 min John Stones floors Werner with a fair ball-and-man tackle, and again looks bottomward at him with contempt. What on apple has happened to John Stones? He’s axis into Al Capone.

12.59pm EST 12:59

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69 min City breach two on two. De Bruyne finds Sterling, who accuse accomplished Thiago Silva in the breadth but is tackled by the aftermost man Zouma.

12.58pm EST 12:58

67 min “Are there any absolutely artistic midfields at the moment added than City’s?” says Richard Hirst. “Liverpool and Man Utd abundantly depend on the affection of their forwards, and their abounding backs in Liverpool’s case.”

Leicester’s is acceptable – Tielemans can do everything, Ndidi is appropriate on the brawl and Maddison is a hub of creativity. I like Villa’s too, and Leeds of course. That’s a altered blazon of creativity. It additionally depends on your analogue of midfield: are you alone counting Nos 6 and 8, or do you accommodate No10 as well? You could altercate Bruno Fernandes is a one-man artistic midfield.

12.56pm EST 12:56

66 min Mendy dives bravely at the anxiety of De Bruyne, who was bulky assimilate a acknowledgment canyon from Sterling. City’s advanced three – Foden, De Bruyne and Sterling – accept been absolutely magnificent. Sergio/Gabriel/Ferran/Riyad Who?!?!?!?!?!

12.53pm EST 12:53

64 min Two changes for City: Billy Gilmoure and Callum Hudson-Odoi alter Hakim Ziyech and N’Golo Kante, who had a agonizing afternoon.

12.52pm EST 12:52

62 min Sterling turns on the center line, moves advanced and feeds a canyon into the bare De Bruyne aloof alfresco the D. He tries to appearance a curler into the far bend but gets far too abundant on it. That additionally came afterwards a amaranthine City casual move.

12.51pm EST 12:51

61 min Gundogan plays the brawl beyond the breadth to Bernardo Silva, whose attempt is blocked by Chilwell. I anticipate there 20-30 passes in that move.

12.50pm EST 12:50

59 min “For all of Chelsea’s spending, if their midfield is Kante, Kovacic and Mount adjoin Man City, apologetic but they are doomed,” says Yash Gupta. “Has their midfield provided any aegis and best important of all accept they fabricated any passes in axial area, I apperceive City accept been absolutely good(and they are absolutely alarming appropriate now), Has Lampard done annihilation to stop it? I’m not sure.”

As with added adolescent managers, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Mikel Arteta, I don’t anticipate he should absolutely be advised until the end of his additional abounding season. But there are a few annoying signs.

Updated at 1.13pm EST

12.48pm EST 12:48

58 min Acceptable comedy from Kovacic, who walks through Rodri and slices a left-footed attempt advanced from 20 yards.

12.47pm EST 12:47

57 min Chelsea are accepting a lot of the ball. City don’t absolutely apperception that; they accept been adverse on the breach today.

12.46pm EST 12:46

56 min A acceptable cantankerous from Mount on the larboard bobbles invitingly beyond the six-yard box. The alone abecedarian in there was Zinchenko, who watched it out for a goalkick.

12.45pm EST 12:45

55 min “Rob,” says Germán Ott. “I am Uruguayan and would like to acquaint Rick that penalising Cavani for his cheep was like penalising a British actuality for ageism for acclamation a acquaintance as ‘old man’ or ‘old chap’. Negro, negrito, are generally acclimated as agreement of amore in this allotment of the apple – they can be acclimated to offend, too, but this was acutely not the absorbed here. I am abiding that Cavani could not get over the acknowledgment over his – in his appearance – absolutely blah greeting to a friend. BTW, the Suárez-Evra adventure is different, Suárez meant to bang Evra, his defence was artful and he was accurately punished.”

Updated at 12.46pm EST

12.43pm EST 12:43

54 min The bend is angled acutely appear Foden, who volleys advanced of the abreast post.

12.43pm EST 12:43

54 min: Acceptable save from Mendy! De Bruyne clips the free-kick to the far post, breadth Rodri gets abroad from Ziyech and Mount to adduce a attack appear goal. Mendy reacts able-bodied to dive to his appropriate and advance it over the bar.

12.42pm EST 12:42

53 min Sterling beats Kante for the umpteenth time tonight; Kante fouls him and is booked. There’s an acuteness and purpose to City’s advancing comedy that we haven’t apparent this season. They accept been absolutely wonderful.

Updated at 12.42pm EST

12.41pm EST 12:41

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51 min Chelsea are all over the show. Rodri wins the brawl aerial up the acreage and City accept a four-on-three break. He finds Foden, whose low cantankerous is too far in advanced of Sterling.

12.40pm EST 12:40

50 min Foden moves into amplitude bottomward the larboard and picks out De Bruyne in the D. He sweeps a left-footed attempt is adored a little abominably to his larboard by Mendy. The anguish for Chelsea is that this could get a lot worse.

12.37pm EST 12:37

47 min “This has been a difficult division for the able pundits and all of us abecedarian MBM wannabe pundits,” says Mary Waltz. “For the aftermost three years the hunt for the top has been a best of two teams and it has been so accessible to accomplish aboriginal predictions on who will win and who needs to be tossed assimilate the abundance of auger oblivion. This year every anniversary seems to booty aftermost week’s pronouncements and about-face them on their head. In added words, we accept a august multi-team hunt that makes all of us attending stupid. It’s great.”

It is, but I don’t anticipate it’ll last. This acclimated to be absolutely accepted – a affray with absurd challengers until Christmas, again a dart to the band from the best two or three teams. Attending at this, for example. Villa accomplished sixth that season, 24 credibility off the top, and Middlesbrough concluded up in ninth.

12.21pm EST 12:21

After a apathetic start, Manchester City produced their best performances in at atomic 18 months to accord Chelsea a aflutter chasing. Ilkay Gundogan, Phil Foden and the majestic Kevin De Bruyne denticulate chic goals, and it could accept been more.

Updated at 12.22pm EST

12.17pm EST 12:17

45 2 min A looping attack from the asymmetric Azpilicueta is calmly adored by Steffen. Not aback Richie Richardson stood at the non-striker’s end for best of Brian Lara’s 277 at Sydney has a antic actor had such a acceptable examination experience.

Updated at 12.28pm EST

12.16pm EST 12:16

45 min “Hi Rob,” says Thomas Nolan. “We’ve all heard of no-look passes in football (and you guys accept alike done a Joy of Six on them) but that Foden ambition was a no-look attempt and a affair of adorableness – the gap he had to bastard it in on the abreast column was about non-existent and he had to use the aspect of abruptness to get it accomplished Mendy. It’s so admirable aback footballers ad-lib like that with aloof authentic instinct. A absolutely attractive ambition (and this is advancing from a United fan).”

Another affair I admired about Foden’s ambition is that he aerial it aloof abundant to exhausted Mendy’s dive. It ability accept been by chance, but I’m added assertive than anytime that footballers account these things in a split-second.

12.15pm EST 12:15

44 min: Sheer adorable football from City! This is authentic pleasure. Sterling scurries abroad from Kante on the center band and moves the brawl larboard to De Bruyne. He plays in the overlapping Foden, who crosses low appear Gundogan at the abreast post. It’s hardly abaft him, so Gundogan improvises addition flick abaft the advanced leg. This one drifts a few yards advanced of the far post. That would accept been a(nother) admirable goal.

12.12pm EST 12:12

41 min “In this accelerated division (with alone a few weeks pre-season too) ache appears to be added important than ever,” says Gary Naylor. “A scattering of kids absolutely agog to comedy for Arsenal attending a lot bigger than some teammates with bigger reputations, and I doubtable Chelsea could do with some absolute admiration to comedy in amidst their ranks. I’m not actuality analytical – it’s animal attributes and there’s acknowledgment – but aloof a bordering access in passivity, concrete or mental, and you’re begin out.”

Are you suggesting a abruptness anamnesis for Chopper Harris?

12.08pm EST 12:08

37 min About a fourth goal! Bernardo Silva lifts a continued cantankerous to Foden, who mistimes a looping attack over a bar. Chelsea are actuality humiliated. But this is beneath about them and added about City, who accept been awfully acceptable in the aftermost 20 minutes.

12.07pm EST 12:07

The third ambition came from a Chelsea free-kick. It was headed bright appear the center line, breadth the aftermost man Kante approved to angle the brawl aback into the City area. It alone went as far as De Bruyne, who acclimated his arch in added means than one to nod it durably aback appear the center band and put Sterling through on goal. Kante chased afterwards him all the way to the bend of the area, but Sterling aloof about backward in advanced of him and approved to go annular Mendy.

Mendy did able-bodied to clutter beyond and stop Sterling from shooting, so Sterling angry aback central to attending for abutment and waited what acquainted like an age to acquisition the appropriate pass. Annihilation was on, so he aerated a attempt that clattered off the central of the far post. It rebounded to De Bruyne, who had fabricated a 70-yard run to aback up the play, aloof in case. He dead an awkward brawl altogether on the amplitude and sidefooted it crisply into the net. He is a absolutely amazing footballer.

Updated at 12.26pm EST

12.05pm EST 12:05

Oh my goodness, City are on fire!

Updated at 12.49pm EST

12.04pm EST 12:04

33 min “Hi Rob,” says Rick Harris. “I charge say I accede with Tim Walsh that players who breach Covid lockdown rules should accept an automated three-game ban. In my eyes this behaviour is far added austere than Edinson Cavani application a chat in a amusing media column that some non-Latin bodies acquisition offensive. He appears to accept fabricated a 18-carat aberration admitting the assorted players bent breaking the rules about bodies from altered households affair up can’t affirmation they were apprenticed of the rules.”

It does feel appealing arbitrary, I agree. But there are affluence of bodies who feel what Cavani did was worse. I’m not abiding what the acknowledgment is, except maybe affective to a agenda retreat on the Kerguelen Islands.

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