4 Popular Types of Car Parking Shades

4 Popular Types of Car Parking Shades

There are several types of car parking shades in UAE. Here we will go through the different types, including the umbrella, Wave crest, Cantilever, and PVC. If you have a commercial parking lot, you should consider installing a car parking shade on your premises. These can increase the value of your business. They also provide an excellent advertising opportunity. In the UAE, you can install double-sided car parking shades to cover four cars.


Cantilever car parking shades are an excellent choice for various applications. In different sizes, forms, and styles, cantilever shades provide maximum shade protection with minimum space requirement. These versatile shades can be installed in any setting. Their unique design allows them to be movable and customized to fit any location. In addition, they are extremely durable, offering protection from a wide range of angles and requiring minimal support structures.

Wave crest:

If you’re looking for a new shade for your car, a Wave Type shade sail carport is the best option. These car parking shades are the most advanced, modern, and attractive. Wave types of shade are suitable for residential, commercial, and festival areas. The high-quality fabrics used in these car parking shades help you increase the lifespan of your vehicle. They can also protect your car from damages caused by the sun’s UV rays.


There are several benefits to using PVC car parking shades. They are a popular choice for parking lots and car parks as they are durable and come in various colors and designs. For maximum UV protection, people prefer dark shades that withstand harsh weather. Regardless of what type of shade you choose, you can count on it to keep your car safe from ultraviolet rays. The top support is beneficial for parking lots with large areas.


Compared to other car parking shade options, knit car parking shades are more durable and have a lower cost. They are also available in various colors and are made of PVC fabric, which is 100% waterproof. However, despite their durability, knit car parking shades do not fully protect against heavy rain and UV radiation. They can be easily connected to the existing parking structure or be freestanding. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure that you choose a shade that will protect your car from harsh weather.