How to Organize Storage Units Yourself

How to Organize Storage Units Yourself

One of the most common questions I receive is, “How do I organize my storage units?” The answer is simple – make a map of the area you want to store items in, label the boxes, make a master contents list, and stack similar-sized boxes. I also recommend writing down a master list of your products and items before you rent the storage space. That way, you will know what to put in each box and will never go back looking for it! You can also seek help from storage companies to organize your storage units.

Label boxes

When storing your possessions, the first thing to do is to label the boxes with their contents clearly. Label two sides of the box and the top, and don’t forget to label fragile items. Labels make it easy to locate what you’re looking for and unpack the box. They will also be easier to find if you need to remove them later. Here are a few tips for labeling boxes:

Create a map

You might wonder how to make a storage unit map. Creating a map will help you identify where certain items are stored and how to find them later. It can be as simple as drawing a rough sketch of the unit. Then, divide the space into sections. You might want to leave some extra space between the sections to move around. Using a storage unit map is also helpful for repacking boxes. This will save you time searching for your items.

Make a master contents list.

A master contents list is a helpful document that lists the contents of storage boxes. It is best to create one on a computer or smartphone and post it inside the storage unit. Make a list for each section of the unit and label each box to help you quickly locate what you need. You can also use a digital device such as a voice recorder to dictate the text. In this way, you can easily find items buried inside boxes and identify which ones contain certain items.

Stack similar-sized boxes

To maximize space, stack boxes of similar sizes. The heavier items should be at the bottom and lighter ones at the top when stacking. If there are boxes of similar sizes, you’ll know which to keep near the most important ones. Stack similar-sized boxes vertically so you can reach them quickly. This strategy will also help you organize your storage units easily.