What Are The 5 Core Values Of Nursing?

What Are The 5 Core Values Of Nursing?

Whether you are just starting in the nursing profession or are an experienced professional, there are certain qualities that a good nurse in Dubai must possess. These traits make the job a satisfying and rewarding one.

Communication skills 

A good nurse has a caring nature, strong judgment, and strong communication skills. This is crucial in healthcare because nurses are responsible for delivering patients the highest quality of care possible. A good nurse is also a great problem solver. They can listen, empathize, and provide hope during tough times.


Another important characteristic of a good nurse is flexibility. They must be able to adapt to different situations and work schedules. They must be willing to learn and take risks, even when faced with difficult challenges. A good nurse has a strong sense of humor, which helps patients and colleagues feel like they are part of the team. A good nurse also takes breaks when possible to reduce fatigue and rejuvenate.

Pay attention to details

A good nurse has a keen sense of detail. They know that the more they pay attention to details, the better. This is especially true when it comes to reciting patient charts. Excellent attention to detail will help the nurse prevent repairs or repair mistakes. A good nurse can respond quickly to patient requests and concerns.


A good nurse can show compassion by listening to patients, reciting patient charts, and providing emotional support. Nurses need to be compassionate, as they spend more time with patients than any other job. Often, this involves dealing with pain, suffering, and other traumatic experiences. If a nurse is not compassionate, this can hurt the patient. A nurse must be able to provide comfort and hope to patients, especially when they may feel lost or hopeless.

Be honest

A good nurse is always honest. They will be trusted to make the best decisions for the patient. A good nurse is not afraid to admit mistakes, as they know the importance of honesty in the nursing profession. Having strong professional ethics is also necessary for a good nurse.