Which Services Are Included in Home Nursing?

In addition to providing non-medical personal care, a nurse can also make healthcare referrals and make recommendations to enhance the client’s well-being. Nurses can set up a medication regimen, track adherence, and communicate side effects with the prescribing healthcare provider. Some clients may benefit from having a nurse accompany them to physician visits. A nurse can explain care instructions and help the client’s family manage doctor appointments. Read here some important services provided by home nursing in Abu Dhabi.

Home health aides provide non-medical personal care:

A home health aide is an individual who provides non-medical personal care in a person’s home. These aides are hired and trained by home health agencies. These agencies handle everything from hiring the aides to payroll and taxes. They can also monitor their performance and provide quick replacement caregivers if a person needs to leave home or has a medical emergency.

Occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy is included in-home nursing and provides many benefits. Many people with life-altering conditions can benefit from this type of therapy. Occupational therapy aims to help patients regain their independence and maintain their quality of life. It can help with home adaptations, including handrails for bathing and showers, and provide information on energy conservation and relaxation techniques. It may also benefit people recovering from surgery or a serious illness.

Physical therapy:

One of the most valuable services provided by home health care professionals is physical therapy. In-home physical therapy helps patients regain their full range of motion, enabling them to return to regular activities. Home care therapists help patients improve their daily lifestyles and mobility while monitoring their symptoms to prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Patients also benefit from physical therapy’s many other benefits. Here are just a few of them.

Speech/language therapy:

During home health care, speech/language therapists treat various conditions, including language, cognition, and swallowing problems. Some people need speech therapy after an accident or stroke. A therapist can help prevent these conditions or help those with cognitive disorders. Moreover, speech therapy can help those with memory problems and disorientation. The services are provided by highly trained speech therapists trained to recognize and treat any language disorder.